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Egg Innovations’ farming roots date back over 100 years, to the Brunnquell homestead in Port Washington, WI. As a third-generation farmer, John Brunnquell, CEO and President of Egg Innovations, grew up in the farming business, and originally believed caging birds was the easiest, most effective way to care for and raise them. He went to college to study Agronomy, further enhancing his farming knowledge. It wasn’t until well after college, when he first stepped into a cage-free barn, that John had an epiphany about cage-free eggs. Namely, we all ought to live in a world where the animals we raise should be treated according to their nature.  

How it all Began

Through his research on poultry science and animal behaviors, John was able to understand why the best eggs come from naturally raised chickens. He could say with confidence that when chickens are allowed to just be chickens, they lay healthier, tastier eggs. When John founded Egg Innovations in 1999, it was his mission to demonstrate that you can treat chickens well and run a successful business. He meticulously thought through every detail of a chicken’s life, including the barn design, that allow chickens to engage in their natural behaviors when inside. After evaluating seven different design structures, John finally found the one that allows chickens to express their hardwired instincts.

World Leaders

John and his team have built the Egg Innovations business to become the world’s leader in 100% Free Range and Pasture-Raised eggs. He has expanded the company from a single office out of his family’s homestead to the thriving business it is now.

With over 50 family farms and more than 1,000 acres of pastureland dedicated to egg-laying hens, Egg Innovations leads the way in regenerative agriculture practices and the ethical treatment of animals.

Blue Sky Family Farms

Our consumer brand, Blue Sky Family Farms, was founded in 2013 to help people and animals lead healthier, more sustainable lives. Through partnerships with our independent family farmers, only 100% Free Range and Pasture-Raised eggs are sold, across a variety of egg types: Pasture-Raised Organic Brown Eggs; Pasture-Raised Non-GMO Brown Eggs; Free Range Organic Brown Eggs; Free Range Non-GMO Brown Eggs; Free Range Soy-Free Brown Eggs; and Free Range Non-GMO White Eggs.

Blue Sky Family Farms represents the same values embodied by Egg Innovations because, as we know, chickens that behave like chickens, lay tastier, healthier eggs. Customers will have peace of mind knowing they are getting the highest quality eggs from hens living their best lives.

Find Blue Sky Family Farms’ naturally delicious eggs in the distinctive blue, patterned package in stores across the United States.

For retail inquiries regarding Blue Sky Family Farms, contact Steve LaQua, Vice President of Business Development. SLaQua@egginnovations.com

For more information visit https://www.blueskyfamilyfarms.com/

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