Meet The

Your On-Farm

Taking care of a flock takes a lot of hard work—but we won’t send you out in the field to do it all alone.

Our dedicated field team will be there to provide on-farm support that’ll help you maintain the right

certifications and manage all aspects of your flock, from their housing to their health and happiness.

Why? Because that’s what it means to be a part of our farmer family.


Chloe Kleinheinz

Chloe as the Director of Live Operations leads Eggs Innovations’ Live Team with empathy and enthusiasm. Her holistic leadership delivers a beneficial grower experience while striving for efficient flock production. Chloe is a graduate of the University of Georgia where she served as secretary, treasurer, and vice president of University’s Poultry Science department. Chloe brings extensive live production, plant, and feed mill management experience from a background in both specialty and commodity egg production. She has also had roles as Farm Manager and Complex Manager with her impact in the industry earning her a nomination to the US Poultry and Egg Association’s 30 under 30 class of 2023.

Jordan Shepler

Jordan hails from Warsaw, Indiana where Egg Innovations is headquartered. She is responsible for general administrative support for the live production team. Her duties include ordering and maintaining grower supplies, filing and overseeing details for the third-party certifiers, and logging inventory and grower records. While her role is very data heavy, this administrative position is a tremendous service to the family farmer network and provides positive feedback for performance and growing details. Jordan has a number of years of live production experience and has been with Egg Innovations for 2 years over two tenures. She got connected with the company through her family and enjoys being involved with Egg Innovations family-oriented team.


Wilson Veterinary Company

The veterinarian team from Wilson Veterinary Company interfaces with the Egg Innovations production teams to help family farmers achieve flock success. They provide full-service technical support, hands-on integration with production teams, and information-based decision making. Wilson Veterinary Company offers fresh input and access to veterinary and technical advice to pursue the best that commercial layer flocks can provide with a focus on the birds health and wellness as the keys to success. They work directly with the Egg Innovations team to find the best that birds can achieve through unique diagnostic approaches and consistent and standardized field methods. Together this partnership and support provide a successful combination for Egg Innovations’ farm network.