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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Egg Innovations?

We are America’s largest exclusive producer of 100% Free-Range and Pasture-Raised eggs.

2. What are the three most important values for Egg Innovations?

(1) Letting our chickens behave naturally on regenerative farms; (2) Supporting our partnerships with family farms; and (3) Making sustainable choices, doing the right thing for our chickens, people, and the planet.

3. What does it mean to be a vertically integrated company?

From when the chicks hatch to their retirement, we own the birds and control the pastures, and are therefore responsible for the chickens’ care. We develop our hens’ nutritional feed from our feed mill; help our farming partners build state-of-the-art barns to exact specifications based on what our chickens like best; and we allow our chickens to roam on green pastures under blue skies and give them the ability to forage to their heart’s content.

4. What sets Egg Innovations apart from other egg producers?

Other marketers simply resell eggs, we own and are responsible for the chickens. We are ethical egg experts. We know our chickens, other brands don’t. Our expertise in chicken behaviors, grounded in science, is unmatched in the industry.

5. What goes into your proprietary feed that supplies the hens’ diet?

A nutritious, organic diet of natural grains (corn and soybean), enzymes, and calcium-free from hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and animal by-products. We also have a soy-free line of eggs available for those with dietary restrictions. Plus, our chickens can forage and eat as many insects, seeds, plants, and such.

6. How many hens live on each pasture?

Each barn raises 20,000 hens, with plenty of room to roam, perch, and nest. More importantly, is all of the doors that encourage the hens to get outside to forage and engage in their natural behaviors.

7. What are the hens’ natural behaviors?

All hens are hardwired to engage in natural behaviors such as perching, dustbathing, scratching, socializing, and pasturing. Dust bathing is when the hens roll or move around in the dirt to cleanse the skin and feathers of parasites, dead skin, oils, and other skin irritants. Perching is every hen’s favorite pastime, even at about three weeks of age, chicks start to jump up to higher surfaces just for enjoyment. Scratching makes our hens extremely happy. They scratch to find bugs and seeds to eat across the pasture or just because they are curious. Like humans, chickens love socializing. They have companions just like us and love to spend time with them! And finally, our hens love pasturing, which is their time to be outside enjoying the sunshine and green grass.

8. What is regenerative agriculture and what does it mean to Egg Innovations?

Regenerative agriculture is a sustainable approach to farming, aiming to reverse the effects of climate change through carbon capture in the soil. This is important to us because it’s part of our brand’s DNA. We are constantly thinking about every choice we make because we want what’s best for our animals, people, and the planet. Right now, we are creating more enriched pastures on each of our farms by promoting biodiversity, providing ground cover, developing multiple tiers of elevation, and eliminating the usage of synthetics. These practices also support the hens’ natural behaviors and overall health.

9. Do you use any chemicals in your pastures?

No, all our pastures are free from chemicals and synthetics.

10. How many farms, acres of farmland, are used for raising hens by Egg Innovations?

We have over 50 farms and more than 1000 acres of farmland dedicated to egg-laying hens.

11. How do you support your farming partners?

We provide exact specifications for building farms. We also provide feed and chicks and educational support for regenerative farming practice and promoting natural hen behaviors. Egg Innovations’ Farmer Partnerships provide longer contract lengths that allow farmers to become more economically sustainable.

12. How do you choose your farmers? Are there certain criteria they must meet?

We start by conducting personality tests to see if the farmers are a good fit. We’re always on the lookout for engaged and passionate farmers, that’s the key to a high-performing farm. In terms of production and quality, Egg Innovations has beaten the manuals typically used to raise chickens. So we make sure that our farmers are willing to be long term partners and follow the system that we already have in place. And, of course, we make sure the farm is large enough to give our ladies room to roam and forage.

13. How often do Egg Innovations have their farms inspected to ensure you are at the highest standards?

Once a month.

14. What kind of charitable organizations does Egg Innovations support?

Egg Innovations and Founder John Brunnquell and wife, Cathy, are supporters of developing future leaders through the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. Egg Innovations makes regular donations to the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. Additionally, we support numerous other local organizations within the greater Indiana and Wisconsin regions.

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